MINT - Music in New Technologies Forum

The MINT Forum 2018 is devoted to the advancement of music through new technologies. How can advances in new technologies change the experience of making music (from the musician’s perspective) and listening to music (from the audience’s perspective)? What are the musical and performative implications and applications of the vast array of new technologies that are now emerging?

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University of Kings College
Halifax, NS


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Music & Technology Themes

Performative Lectures, Concerts, Demonstrations, Networking

MINT will focus on 3 main themes

1. The Voice in new technologies
2. Improvisation and technology
3. NIME – New Innovations in Musical Expression

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Performance Over Papers

Generously funded through The Canada Council for the Arts

The main thrust of MINT will NOT be the presentation of academic papers. Rather, we are soliciting presentations that include demonstrations, performances, audio/visual samples, and as much music making as possible.

During breaks between presentations, audience members and participants will have an opportunity to directly engage with these new technologies in interactive rooms.